Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week 8 - Installing the windows

Building our Cottage
Week 8

It is a week of celebrations....our anniversary (31), my birthday (nevermind), followed by Harry's birthday (57).

I buy an amazing cherry pitter at the local hardware store in Osoyoos and suddenly enjoy being
in the pits!

I also got a camera....which the boys try out below.

Our tradition is to have a family birthday party at my parents' cabin.

We are so fortunate to have both our precious moms with us.

Then its back to Osoyoos, for the work must go on!

The men work hard to put in the new windows.

Midweek is Harry's birthday so we celebrate at the local golf course restaurant.
Happy Birthday, Honey!!

A brief rain cloud leaves behind a beautiful rainbow.

We continue to see glimpses of the Cotter family, but they don't stay visible long.

Our cottage is starting to look dressed by the end of the week.

Beautiful though our homes may be, they are not as beautiful as the 'house of the Lord'.
"What kind of house will you build for me," says the Lord, "or what is the place of my rest?" (Acts 7:49)
The souls of those who know Jesus become God's resting place---his vacation home.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Building Our Cottage
Week 7

We returned to Osoyoos to find that 15 of the 16 quail eggs had hatched and all the babies had vanished! We cleaned up the 'Cotter' sign and sadly put the broken shells on display.

Our disappointment was replaced with another epiphany as we studied the window opening inside our 'church' loft. It looked distinctly like a cross.

For many years another cross had been lit up every night on the hill behind us. Below it was a rather tall telephone pole covered with ivy that made it look like a gigantic shepherd pointing to the cross as he looked across the lake at a stubby mountain called 'The Throne'. It always reminded me of the verse: "Who for the joy set before him, endured the cross despising its shame, and is set at the right hand of the Father."

Now, by a whimsical fluke, we had created another cross directly facing The Throne. I have always felt God's hand on my home as a place of ministry and here was another gentle reminder of God's greater purpose for our personal sanctuary.

A moment of reflection for Herb at the top of the 'church', before getting back to work on the roof.

Two little gables appear, causing our neighbor to christen our house, The Three Gables.

The men go for a swim-break during 33 degree weather.

They think they need to keep me busy---painting!

When friends arrive they get put to work, too.

Afterwards, Friedbert introduces us to the South American custom of drinking Terrera from a communal cup. The drink consists of a cool herbal tea.

Then it's supper time with our friends at our trailer homestead.

Just before heading home, I catch a glimpse of the baby 'Cotters'. I count 15 fluffballs as they bounce across the lane, which means all the hatched eggs made it!

Back at home we watch a few of Aaron's baseball games...

And see his team win the Youth Church League trophy!