Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 6

This is the weekend for BOYS!
All three of our boys have the weekend off and are pumped about helping build the cottage.

Above and below: Ryan, Andrew, and Aaron helping their dad.

As they lift the first gable on the garage roof we have an epiphany...

We are building a church, not a cottage! Hmmmmm.... Even Uncle Abe (who lives in Penticton) calls my dad to give an update on the 'church'-building. My father, who has built several churches including Willingdon and Culloden, is secretly pleased.

Supper guests consist of the Harders, the Walls and their son James, and our three sons.

Below, Aaron (20) our engineer-in-training enjoys this new challenge to expand his knowledge .

Andrew (23) scampers around on the roof like his grandpa John used to.

Ryan (26) our eldest lends muscle power with ease.

Eventually, the weekend is over and its time to say goodbye. Andrew and Aaron drive home on bikes while Ryan leaves a day later for Calgary by plane.

A lot has been accomplished. The roof trusses are up and parts of the roof are already sheeted and no one was hurt! Thank you, Lord!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Building our Cottage
Week 5

My sister thought it unfair that her picture got posted on my blog and mine didn't, so here I am....writing my blog. Relaxing!

This is Elaine's favorite way of relaxing--in her kayak.

The framer, Herb, and his assistant Harry relaxing in their favorite way!

In spite of all the relaxing the second storey gets built.
To reward ourselves we go out with friends for an Osoyoos treat--ICE CREAM!

The Harders, the Walls, and the Schroeders.

While enjoying our ice cream, we spot a classic police car. It is an original police car from New Westminster and the driver is the Chief of Police!

It is a fitting ending to the week as we hurry home to pick up our very own police officer from the Abbotsford Airport---our son, Ryan!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Building our Cottage

Week 4

As we continue building our nest we discover someone else has built a home just outside our trailer. Under the kayaks that were leaning against this sign, we find a nest with 15 eggs.

We replace the kayaks with this log to hide the nest and give the mama quail whom we have christened Mrs. Cotter some privacy.

Meanwhile, the cottage receives a floor. First come the joists. For the uninit
iated (& uninterested?) these are I-shaped beams that are made up of sawdust an
d believe it or not--are stronger than a solid piece of wood.

Then comes the plywood sheeting on top of the joists. Voila! The joists are

The first wall goes up.

I check out the view from my new 'windows' on the first floor. Pretty sweet!

That's it for this week because we have to return home to celebrate Andrew's grad.
Here we are after watching him receive his Honors Bachelor Degree of Science from UFV.