Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 13 - Children Arrive

My youngest brother decided to take a week of holidays at the lake and help us with our project.
His children, Mattea and Nathanael, bring along their bikes and their enthusiasm.

While their dad paints, they 'try out' our new shower.

Another exciting discovery is a bright green Praying Mantis.

When daddy's work is done, its time for a swim!

One afternoon we take the kids to a playground.

On our last evening we have our traditional marshmallow roast.

Shannon is a healthy, non-sweets kind of person. She believes in feeding her kids healthy meals and snacks. So it is surprising to see her having a 'smore. Its even more astonishing to hear her say to Nathanael in the video below, "So you want some candy?"

I think Nathanel knows the secret to getting candy, but he's not telling!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Building our Cottage - Week 9 - 12

The weeks are flying by and my blog is being neglected, so I'm condensing a few weeks at a time.
A lost kitten cries for help two nights in a row and on the 3rd night we finally find it. Everyone falls in love with it, but no one wants the responsibility, so for one day we feed it and play with it and then leave it with the farmer who gives it to a willing family.

Our plywood house slowly gets dressed. The wrapping begins. It is becoming one big birthday present!

The 'wrappers' are happy to take a break. But, sadly, they do not know how to rap or break-dance.

Towards the end of the week Herb's daughter arrives with her new husband. The newlyweds get to sleep in the 'Prayer Loft' (our room with the cross) and we all think it is very romantic.

Our last supper this week consists of twelve of us--friends, relatives, and even strangers.
And, as always, the unseen guest...Jesus!